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Top 10 Towing Risks

Towing a vehicle is never an easy process. Even if you have been doing this over and over again, there are still risks associated with it. That is why, when you are towing a vehicle, you have to fully understand and practice the common maneuvers that can avoid you from accidents. It is also important to meet the laws required by the state, particularly the right procedures and durable equipments needed during the entire process. By following the state laws and abiding the coverage of the insurance policy, you can be assured of getting financial protection if something goes wrong along the way.

The negative consequences of towing can always be avoided if safety measures are observed. However, it is always great to know the risks involved with it to be aware on the things that caused damages or accidents in towing. These risks are the following;

  • Mismatched Equipment. An equipment that cannot bear the weight of the towed vehicle can impose serious problems along the way. This is why you have to check the compatibility of the trailer hitch, break as well as the coupler.
  • Limited Visibility. A limited visibility can be dangerous. As much as possible, always ensure that you have enough visibility in order to perform the manoeuvres properly such as changing lanes, making turns, and backing up the towed vehicles.
  • Accelerating and Speeding. Stay focused in accelerating or speeding the vehicle. Towing requires more momentum that is why you have to anticipate the proper timing of accelerating especially when you are in a busy highway.
  • Turning. Towing a vehicle needs a wider turn on corners and curves. Since the wheel base is wider, you have to be careful in turning so you will not hit any signs, curbs or anything that are adjacent to the road.
  • Braking. Towing needs greater inertia and momentum that is why you have to ensure that your brakes are functional. Check it before driving because you always need to work harder in navigating and stopping your vehicle.
  • Pressure and Blowouts. Ensure that the tire pressure complies with its manual. An under-flated or over-flated tire can be detrimental so have it undergo constant tire maintenance so that your trip is going to be a hazard free.
  • Vehicle Inappropriate for Towing. A towing vehicle should pass the standards of the state. If your vehicle is not the standardized equipment for this process, the risks for accidents are greater, especially if it cannot handle the demands of its workload.
  • Unbalanced Loads. An unbalanced load can be risky. Make sure that the load carried by the vehicle is positioned correctly so that it will not result to overloading and possibly breaking the axle.
  • Damaging the Towed Car. If you are not an expert in towing, there is always a possibility of damaging your own vehicle. Thus, practice a lot or have someone to do the process for you.
  • Swaying. Swaying is always experienced when towing but you have to carefully manipulate the vehicle in a way that it cannot damage or cause accidents. Make sure that you do not create a sharp turn or drive faster than the required speed.

The risks for towing are always present. However, it can be minimized when you seek the right people from a reliable towing company. Therefore, when you need Towing in Santa Clara, Carlos Auto Repair & Towing is the perfect company you can approach. They are available 24/7 with affordable services, durable equipments and expert technicians. So if you need towing in Santa Clara, their number is (408) 351-3765.