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Brake Rotor Services

Brake Rotor Services Santa Clara

If you’re having any troubles with your brake pads or brake rotors, it’s time you stopped by Carlos Auto Repair. Our expert brake specialists will perform a full brake system evaluation on your car.  We’ll be able to replace any damaged brake rotors on the spot. Our Santa Clara body shop carries all major brake rotor parts and all braking accessories. Whether you need brake fluid or drums, we’ve got you covered. Rotors are also known as brake discs, which is what your brake pads clamp down on to stop the wheels from spinning. They are extremely important for stopping your vehicle on time. Our specialists put a lot of hard work and effort into replacing damaged brake rotors. We will test drive the new brake rotors before handing the keys over to you. Your safety comes before anything else, and we stand above the competition when it comes to first class customer care. No one does it better than Carlos Auto Repair!

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There are two major types of high performance brake rotors that are drilled and slotted. Drilled brake rotors have holes drilled into them, and slotted brake rotors use slots carved into the flat metal surface to move gas, heat and water away from the surface of the rotors. Having drilled holes on a brake rotor makes it easy for heat, gas and water to be quickly moved away from the rotor surface, keeping the brake performance strong. Our technicians will help install the highest quality brake rotors to give your vehicle the best possible performance on the road. We also work on truck brake rotors, since trucks are under a lot more stress on the road. We work together with the most qualified brake repair specialists in the entire Santa Clara area. There is nothing more important than having all components of your braking system working correctly. We can also provide you with a full auto body inspection or engine repair services. We stand by our strict company safety policy, which places your safety before anything else.

Santa Clara Auto Repair Services:

  • Auto Body Restoration
  • Brake Repair & Rotors
  • Collision Repair
  • Rust Repair & Rust Proofing
  • Custom Paint Job
  • Oil Change
  • Engine Repair
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Flat Tire Change
  • Heating & Cooling System

We are the leading experts when it comes to brake system repair and full auto body vehicle maintenance. We’re fortunate enough to work with such a talented group of specialists. You can always count on Carlos Auto Repair to give you elite customer care and support. Don’t wait until the brake rotors cause an accident, bring your car into our Santa Clara garage today!