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Carlos Auto Repair & Towing's Heavy Duty Towing Services in Santa Clara – When You Have a Heavy Load

When you are a proud owner of a heavy duty vehicle, whether it is a semi, a truck, an RV, or any other large vehicle, you know that you must have a licensed and reliable towing service provider at your side. The towing process of a heavy duty vehicle is different from that of a light or medium duty due to the simple fact that it requires different towing trucks and proper equipment, not to mention unique training and licenses.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of heavy duty towing? Let’s have a look.

Heavy Load, Heavy Price?

When dealing with a heavy duty vehicle, such as a semi-trailer or an RV, towing is not as simple as one may think. There are special hitch systems that must be connected to the towed vehicle in order to make the transfer of such massive weights possible. This requirement means that the towing company should have special equipment and tow trucks to complete the job, and that makes the towing process more costly than that of a light or even medium duty vehicle.

Another difference has to do with the level of risk entailed with the tow. When dealing with heavy duty towing, the towing company must purchase suitable insurance, which is much more expensive than that of a light duty towing insurance.

A reliable and professional towing service, just like Carlos Auto Repair & Towing, must also make sure its technicians are properly trained. This expertise affects the duration of the towing process and its safety.

Ability to Haul Everything

We don`t know if you have ever witnessed a heavy duty towing on the road, but it is truly breathtaking. The size, the weight, and the sheer complexity of the tow make the spectacle mesmerizing.

Thinking of the task and of what can go wrong, it becomes abundantly clear why it is highly important to have a professional and licensed towing company, just like Carlos Auto Repair & Towing, by your side. When a private vehicle gets out of operation on the side of the road, you can always try and push it to safety on your own, and to try and get it to work again. But when you own a semitrailer, or some kind of recreational vehicle for example, well that possibility simply vanishes. After all, you wouldn’t dare try pushing a semi off the road, no would you?

Carlos Auto Repair & Towing is the kind of towing provider that guarantees complete safety and professionalism, and nothing less. When dealing with heavy duty vehicles, heavy responsibility should be your number one priority, and that has no price. All you have to do is ask our many satisfied customers that will tell you that Carlos Auto Repair & Towing in Santa Clara is synonymous to reliable, affordable service.

when it comes to heavy duty towing, reliability and professionalism are above all.