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How to Manage Your Visit in the Garage?

For most of us a visit to the garage is something we would rather avoid if possible. But when you know what to expect and how to take control of things, you will find that the once daunting experience becomes as easy as pie. In order for you to be able to better plan and handle your trips to garages here are a few tips and pointers:

References: good and professional mechanics should have absolutely no problem giving you a couple of referrals from (hopefully) satisfied customers. Talk to these customers, question them, and reach a more informed decision. If the owner refuses to give you references, or tries to dodge the subject with transparent excuses, go elsewhere!

BBB accreditation: the Better Business Bureau accreditation usually means you are in an honest place. If you stumble into a garage that is not BBB accredited, go elsewhere!

Certifications: professional garages usually hold several certifications, the most common being ASE (Automotive Service Excellence). Can not find any certifications? Go elsewhere!

Warranty: now is the time to find out about warranties and used parts. What sorts of parts does the garage use? What kind of warranty will you get regarding both the job done and the parts used? Will you get such warranties in writing? All of these questions are crucial. Serious garage owners will have no difficulty providing you with written and signed warranties. Can not get a clear response? Can not get a written warranty? Go elsewhere!

Costs: before dropping by, get a free estimate over the phone in order to better plan your financials. Then make sure to get that estimate in writing. When visiting the garage, make sure no additional job is done without first getting your approval. Approve only necessary work and do not get tempted by unimportant things that will only cost you money. Can not get a written estimate? Look elsewhere! Got more work done than you have signed up for? Do not come back!

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When you choose Carlos Auto Repair & Towing you know you have come to the right place. The best technicians, certified and trained professionals, ASE certification, and more, will all allow you to relax, unwind, and let us take care of business.