Client Testimonials

“I felt compelled to write to you to thank you for the wonderful experience we had after using your company’s towing service for the very first time. I was out supervising my seventeen year old son’s driving as he has recently passed his test. Unfortunately, the battered old banger he practises on had other ideas, and promptly broke down on the lane down from our house. I called the operator to ask for local Santa Clara towing and roadside assistance numbers, and Carlos Auto Repair & Towing was the first one I called. I was so impressed by your politeness, fast response time and incredibly fair pricing. We have your card in all of our wallets now!” Richard Chase

“We were moving out of my old apartment last weekend with a U-Haul. I was totally panicked when my car wouldn’t start, after loading the trailer up with all of the contents of the apartment strapped in. We called Carlos Auto Repair & Towing who sent a wonderful mechanic within 30 minutes of our call. He was able to fix the issue with the electrics in the car and we were barely delayed at all with the new move. Wonderful!” Kris Gentilly

“I am a car enthusiast who knows a lot more about the year and model of the vehicle than the advanced diagnostics skilled needed to know exactly how to maintain and optimize the engine motor. That’s why I need a great and quality mechanic I can rely on and I am thrilled to have found a whole team of such skilled car specialists at Carlos Auto Repair & Towing in Santa Clara!” Adam Long

“As far as midnight disasters and emergency towing goes, I don’t know of another company in Santa Clara who would have been able to so successfully put my mind at rest as Carlos Auto Repair & Towing did when I called them in a complete panic last night! Professional, fast, polite and very fairly priced, these guys really were lifesavers!” Angela Grice